Lucy Hannah Ryan (she/they) is a queer poet, fiction writer and essayist from London.

She has been writing poetry since early childhood, where she would reword nursery rhymes and force family members to pay her for the privilege of hearing them performed (a business model she admires to this day.) They published their first short poem in Haiku Journal #35, in 2015 followed by another in Haiku Journal #37 and their first full-length poem entitled Paresis, inspired by their complicated health and relationship with their body, in Poetry Quarterly later that same year

From there, she has been continuously working as a freelance writer and has been published by numerous other magazines, journals and presses including Sword and Kettle Press's Corvid Queen, Half Mystic and Arachne Press's 2021 Solstice Shorts collection, "Words From The Brink". In addition to this, she has self-published two chapbooks and in 2018, her story In the Absence of Moonlight won the London City of Stories competition for Kensington and Chelsea. See their full list of publications here.

Their work often concerns gender, sexuality and complex relationships with the body, inspired by lifelong chronic illness. 

Currently working in mental health as a support worker, and studying for a degree in English literature, Lucy is focused on the future, sharing their distinct voice with anyone who will care to listen.

You can keep up with their exploits on Instagram and Twitter.


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