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Why Magazine 19/04/18 / Disabled Sexy and Broke
Half Mystic 24/5/17 / The Night Is Always Alive

On Physical / Mental Health

The Mighty / 5 Things No One Told Me About Living With Ehlers Danlos
Community Living Well Autumn / Winter 2020 / In the Spotlight: Peer Support in Covid Times 
The Tired Girl Voice 12/6/19 / The Isolation of Recovery
Community Living Well Spring 2019 / Long Term Illness Interview


Closet Cases: Queers On What We Wear, I Put On Some Indigo Trousers and Think I'm Girl Poseidon
Strange Creatures Chapbook, Medea and Cassandra in embrace
Rookie Mag Creative Prompt, "Past Lives": & Life Cycles On
Haiku Journal #85
Half Mystic #3 "Nocturne": Meditations on First Arabesque
Brasilia Review #16: Burning Clothes In The Backyard
GRIT Zine #1: Ringing The Riot Bell
The Sprout Club #2 "Girl Code": adomania (download available on request)
Half Mystic #1 “Allegro”: My Bones Are Still In The Dark Looking For Something With Your Heartbeat 
Wanderlust #5: the mystery of my brother's skull / lisbons / it's autumn and I'm still learning the weather patterns
Inkstay #1: Falling Away
The Bandit Zine #8 "Love and Heartbreak": Nothing About Loving Girls Is Easy
Haiku Journal #42
Vitality Magazine #3.1: The First Girl You Love Will Only Know You For An Hour / Steel, Blush and Fur
Curious Cosmos Zine #1: In the Mohair
Tanka Journal #2
Poetry Quarterly #22Paresis
Haiku Journal #37
Haiku Journal #35


Corvid Queen: Aries 
Wicked Gay Ways Fall 2020: The Art of Compromise (nsfw)


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